Ängdala Camping på Österlen
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Activities & Facilities

Activities at/near Ängdala Camping

The Nature & Haväng

Next to Ängdala Camping is the nature reserve "Haväng och Vitemölla strandbackar" and Klammersbäck runs through the campsite!

Haväng och Vitemölla strandbackar | Länsstyrelsen Skåne (lansstyrelsen.se)

At the Haväng area there are lots of excursions to walk, cycle or take the car to. Öradekaren, Haväng beach, Havängsdösen, Verkeån estuary, Lindgrens Länga, yes, the list of excursion destinations at Haväng can be made long!

Havängs orörda strand

The beach and seaside

About 2km from the campsite is Österlen's perhaps most untouched, unvisited and beautiful beach! You can walk, cycle or take the car there! Kilometers of soft fine - grained sand accompanied by pine forest provide wonderful pictures and an unforgettable experience! Our absolute favorite!

Quote from a camper: "Thank you so much for the tip to visit this beach and forest area, it was absolutely amazing, both walking through the forest and coming out to the sea"

The countryside

On one side of the campsite we have the "Haväng & Vitemölla beach slopes" nature reserve, on the other an adorable view of open landscapes, grazing animals and valleys! At the campsite, you can see our calves, cows and horses almost all year when we are open!

Golf & Padel

About 15 km from Ängdala Camping is Österlen's Golf Club Lilla Vik. You can read more about their tracks here:

- Österlen GK (osterlensgk.com)

In Kivik (5km) and Brösarp (5km) there are two outdoor padel facilities. Courses are booked at matchi.se

For kids

Around Ängdala Camping there are many wonderful excursion destinations that suit children very well, for example:

  • Ride the Österlen Steam Train (approx. 7km)

  • The outdoor pool in Sankt Olof (approx. 10km)

  • Tosselilla Summerland

  • The pier/harbour in Kivik (our children's favourite)

  • The Haväng area (it starts on the other side of the road) Here you can find Öradekaren (fish trap from the 17th century), Havängsdösen, Lindgrens Länga, fantastic expanses and a lovely sandy beach!

  • Kivik's Musteri

  • etc. etc

Tour riding on Icelandic horses at Ängdala Camping

At Ängdala Camping you can ride Icelandic horses during certain periods of the year! Ängdala Camping can, in collaboration with Österlen's Tölthästar, offer tour riding with, among other things, sea tours!

Click on the image above to read more!

Servicehus 1

Wine tasting & Vineyard

About 1.5 km from the campsite is Skepparps Vingård. They offer i.a. wine tastings, wine festival & wine trips! Many people stay with us to visit this wonderful place. Most people cycle or walk from the campsite there!

Read more at:

Skepparps Vingård - Skepparps Vingård (skepparpsvingard.se)



Several cozy and picturesque restaurants are within cycling distance (or why not take the bus) from the campsite, including:

Brösarps Gästgifveri

Buhres Fisk

Ravlunda Bränneri


Not far from the campsite is Verkeån. Famous for its trout fishing! You can fish for sea trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, pike & perch here!

See Verkeåns Sportfiske Förening's website for more info:

Verkeåns Sportfiske Förening (vsff.se)


Cycling is very popular to do in the area of Ängdala Camping. Many people also take their bicycle to the surroundings!

Right by the campsite, the municipality has built a new cycle path along road 9. With this cycle path and neighboring roads, you can get to Brösarp's slopes, Kivik, Vitemölla, Haväng, etc. Or why not cycle to the sea/beach along the roads that lead there in wonderful nature!

If you want to rent a bike, please visit Ravlunda Cykel's webpage, it's located 1km from Ängdala Camping:

Ravlunda Cykel


More beautiful surroundings to hike in (we think) are hard to find. Especially along Klammersbäck which meanders outside the knot and leads down to the sea! Absolutely wonderful! The Skåneleden trail passes a bit away, which is a popular hiking trail! Why not spend a night in our rooms when you hike along the Skåneleden?

The Skåneleden SL4 Österlen (Kivik - Vantalängan) which passes a bit away, you can read more about here

6 Kivik - Vantalängan (skaneleden.se)

Facilities at the campsite


At the reception, you can always come to us with questions and concerns! We help with your bookings, tips on excursion destinations and gold nuggets or if you want to use Wifi!

Kiosk & mini market

Our kiosk/minlivs is now complete and will be a welcome addition to the campsite in 2022! The kiosk sells ice cream, sweets, breakfast buns, milk, eggs, coffee, cake, various drinks, etc

Playground & boules

The campsite has a larger playground with swings, a slide, basketball hoop, etc As well as a boules alley with 2 lanes.

Recently, we built a playhouse for the kids!

Animals & birds

The campsite has cows and horses as its nearest neighbours. Feel free to check them out! The area is also rich in birds, including gladiolus and kingfishers!


For large parts of the season there are Icelandic horses and tour riding that starts from the campsite. Click on the image above for more info!

Football field with changing rooms

Football field for playing with 11-man goals. The pitch is not in approved match condition (series games) but playing a little ball with your friends is great!

Service house 1

Service houses

The campsite has 3 service houses with toilets, free showers, kitchen. Latrine emptying. Washing facilities outside and inside. For campers with tent, we have recently put in a fridge! Washing machine is available for a fee.

All the service houses will be refreshed in the spring of 2022. Among other things, new interior design, newly painted walls, partially new kitchen and generally refreshed!


Barbecue areas

We have several barbecue places! Bring your coal or firewood and enjoy!