Ängdala Camping på Österlen
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We have online booking!

But you can also book your stay through phone or e-mail!

Ängdalavägen 1, 277 37 Kivik

+ 46 730 777 628 


Opening Hours
17 June - 20 August:
Tuesday - Sunday: 9:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 19.00
Monday: 10:00-12:00, 13:00 - 19:00
Deviating opening hours may occur
25 March - 16 June & 21 Aug - 5 Nov:
Opening hours in reception based on needs but you can always reach us at phone Monday - Sunday 09.00 - 19.00

6 November - 24 March.
The camp site is closed. 
You can reach us on phone Monday - Friday 10.00 - 17.00

Who we are!

We are a family campsite run by the Bertilsson family!

We were born and raised in Österlen!

We took over the campsite at the turn of the year 2021/2022 and we will do everything we can to make your stay an unforgettable experience!

  • Ida Bertilsson


    0730-777 628

  • Christian Bertilsson

    IT and janitor

From local newspaper Ystads Allehanda about us:

Published in Ystads Allehanda 2022-05-21

WHERE we are located?

Ängdala Camping is located between Kivik and Brösarp! Neighbor to Haväng and Skåneleden!


Ängdalavägen 1

277 37 Kivik


Camping map

Cabins, camping pitches and rooms in the hostel are surrounded by nature reserves, rippling Klammersbäck and undulating Skåne landscape!



Aerial photo 2023

Good to know!

Check-in and check-out

Check-in cabin/room: after 3 p.m

Check-in campsite: after 1pm

Check-out before 12.00


are allowed in some cabins and on the camp pitches.

See the online booking system for which cabins where pets are allowed!

They must always be kept on a leash within the campsite area and rested outside the area or specified place

Recycling station

Rubbish and waste must be sorted and left at our designated environmental station. Coarse rubbish (e.g. barbecues, garden furniture) must be taken with you or left at a nearby recycling centre.


For all accommodation in cabins and rooms, it is possible to rent bed linen and add final cleaning.

Even breakfast can be added for hostels and cabins in high season!

Washing machine can be booked at the reception.

Booking conditions

You find them in the Online Booking system!

Electric Car or bike charging

Electric car charger is now installed at the camp site! Talk to the reception if you need to charge your car!

Charging electric bike is also possible, please contact reception upon arrival.

Bicycle hire

We cooperate with Ravlunda Cykel (about 1km from the campsite) on bicycle rental. All bike rental goes through them. They have a large selection of bicycles, including electric bikes as well as guided tours.

Celebration? Events?

The entire hostel (22 beds + kitchen, conservatory, dining room etc.) can be rented for parties or events!

Contact us for more info! 

How to get to us?

Car/caravan/mobile home: Adress; Ängdalavägen 1, Kivik

Bicycle: there is a bicycle road passing by our camp site, it goes to Kivik and Haväng amongst other places

Bus: Bus stop; "Ängdala" just outside our camp site. Bus # 3 between Kristianstad and Simrishamn stops here.

Order Rules

The following rules are for your comfort and that of the other guests. We hope these will make you have a pleasant stay at our campsite.

1. Register at the reception immediately upon arrival. Groups are reported by the group leader. Notify directly when registering if you have an extra tent, car, etc. with you

2. Temporary visitors are asked to park their vehicle in a parking space outside the area or in a designated place within the area.

3. It is forbidden to charge electric cars at Ängdala Camping.

4. The camp host and other staff are responsible for peace and order, and help if problems arise. Guests who behave unpleasantly, disturbingly, threateningly or similar will be immediately rejected from the campsite. We assume that all camping guests take each other into account and help to keep order. The staff has an obligation to act in cases where a guest does not respect these rules of order.

5. Rubbish and waste must be sorted and left at our designated environmental station. Coarse rubbish (e.g. barbecues, garden furniture, etc.) must be taken with you or left at a nearby recycling centre.

6. Camping unit, i.e. caravan/car with or without awning, must be placed at least 4 meters away from other camping unit. The exception is between two tents, in which case 3 meters applies. See illustration above.

7. All tent equipment of normal type and size may be used. However, it is not permitted to set up so-called tent house of a permanent nature. Caravans must be registered for use with a motorized vehicle.

8. Own fixed devices for tents or caravans, such as fences and protective dykes, are not permitted. Ask if you are in doubt about what you have the right to do. Make sure that LPG and electrical equipment are tested and approved according to current regulations.

9. A general rule at campsites is to show consideration. Disruptive behavior is not permitted.Between23.00 and 07.00 the campsite must be quiet.

10. Dog owners are asked to show the greatest possible consideration towards other guests. Keep the dog on a short leash and rest it in a designated place or outside the area. Dogs/pets are allowed in some cabins. If dogs/pets are brought into cabins, rooms or common areas where dogs/pets are not allowed, a cleaning fee will be charged.

11. Sales at and within the campsite may only take place with the permission of the campsite host.

12. Help us keep the campsite clean and litter-free. Use the bins available in the area. Remember not to throw glowing barbecue coals or other flammable objects in our waste bins.

13. Leave the common areas (toilets, wash and shower rooms, kitchen and dishes) in the same condition as you would like to find them.

14. Car washing may not take place in the area and waste water must be stored in closed containers and may only be emptied into the service building's outfall.

15. Departure. Unless otherwise agreed with the reception, the campsite/cabin/room must be vacated and cleaned before 12.00 on the day of departure. This with regard to new guests.

16. The campsite host or the staff are not responsible for damage to or loss of the camping guests' belongings. Anyone who damages buildings, materials or guests' belongings can be made liable for compensation.

17. All indoor smoking is strictly prohibited, the tenant will be charged the cost of cleaning. Smokers are asked to be considerate of other guests.

18. On departure, the checklist for cleaning the cabin/room must be followed. The cabin/rooms must be properly cleaned before departure, if this is missed, the landlord will carry out cleaning at the tenant's expense. The cottage/rooms, its fixtures and surroundings must be left in their original condition. Cabin/room cleaning can be purchased separately.

19. After checking in to cabins/rooms, it is the guest's responsibility to be aware of the rules of order. Violation of the rules of order gives Ängdala Camping the right to reject the tenant and/or his party from the site. In connection with check-in, the guest has confirmed that they have approved the above regulations and have undertaken to comply with them.

20. Be careful about nature - it needs your protection.Open fire on the ground is completely prohibited. We refer to barbecue areas or to use private proper barbecues. Put used barbecue charcoal in the intended, designated place at the environmental station.

We wish you a pleasant stay at Ängdala Camping in Österlen!

Ida and Christian with staff