Ängdala Camping på Österlen

Welcome to Ängdala Camping

at Österlen

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Ängdala Camping at Österlen

Camping pitches, Cabins, Bed&Breakfast/Hostel

We offer you:
  • 80 camping pitches (caravan, camper, tent) - most of them with electricity
  • 8 cabins (2-6 beds)
  • 8 rooms in hostel (2-4 beds) - possible as both Bed & Breakfast and as just room

In principle, the entire facility has been renovated during 2022, 2023!

If you want to follow us and our journey, you can find us on social media:

Instagram: angdalacamping

Facebook: angdalacamping

Tallskog vid havet

The nature, the sea, the countryside

Ängdala Camping is located between Kivik and Brösarp in an undulating landscape!

Next to the campsite is the beautiful nature reserve "Haväng och Vitemölla strandbackar" which leads down to the sea! In the surrounding area, cows graze and Klammersbäck flows through the area! In the middle of all this you live!

The sea

About 2km from the campsite is the sea! Perhaps Österlen's most untouched beach and quite possibly also the most beautiful! You can walk, cycle or take the car there!

The countryside

The campsite is in the "countryside"! The cows and horses graze outside the knot and Österlen's undulating landscape invites you to walks, bike rides and relaxation!

Icelandic horses at Ängdala Camping

Ängdala Camping in Österlen has now also got Icelandic horses for the campsite!

In collaboration with Österlen's Tölthästar, we will offer booked tours starting from the campsite! The tours will take place in a fantastic environment with, among other things, sea trips! Read more at the link below!

Ps. the horses graze around the camp site Ds