Ängdala Camping på Österlen

Large cabins (3 rooms, 40 sq.m)

2x large cabins available. 6 beds in each. Newly renovated during 2022 and 2023. Kitchen, toilet, shower, TV and 2 bedrooms.

Large cabins, 3 rooms

40 sq.m . 6 beds. Newly renovated during 2022 and 2023.

We call them Gladsax and Bästekille (the places where the owners were born)! They are large cabins of approx. 40 square meters with i.a.  kitchen, 6 beds (2 single beds + 2 bunk beds). Toilet, shower and TV.

Housewares, fridge, freezer, coffee maker etc

In one of the cottages (Bästekille) dogs/pets are allowed.

When booking a whole week (7 days), you pay for 6 days (15% discount)!