Ängdala Camping på Österlen

Large cabins (3 rooms, 40 sq.m)

2x large cabins available. 6 beds in each. Newly renovated during 2022 and 2023. Kitchen, toilet, shower and 2 bedrooms.

Large cabins, 3 rooms

40 sq.m . 6 beds. Newly renovated during 2022 and 2023.

We call them Gladsax and Bästekille (the places where the owners were born)! They are full-service cottages of approx. 40 square meters with i.a. new kitchen, 6 beds (2 single beds + 2 bunk beds). Toilet, shower and TV.

Housewares, fridge, freezer, coffee maker etc

In one of the cottages (Bästekille) dogs/pets are allowed.

Booked for whole weeks during week 28-30. Saturday to Saturday.
When booking a whole week (7 days), you pay for 6 days. 
Other days during the year you can book days as you wish! 


During Midsummer minimum 2 nights.