Ängdala Camping på Österlen

Camping cabins

2-4 beds in each cabin (18 sq.m)
The cottages are called Kivik, Ravlunda, Simrishamn, Brösarp, Vitemölla

One-room cottages with kitchenette/kitchenette, covered patio with outdoor furniture. Toilets and free showers in nearby service houses.

All the cottages are renovated during 2022 and 2023, including all sofa beds are new, all kitchen utensils and crockery have been replaced. New/refreshed chairs/tables and beds. New blackout curtains, new curtains and many interior details have been replaced.


Nymålade stugor (år 2022)


2-4 beds, 18 sq.m.

Newly renovated cabins with kitchen, beds, dining table. Private covered terrace with outdoor furniture. In the kitchens there are household utensils, coffee maker, kettle, fridge, freezer compartment, chairs/tables, wardrobe, crockery and microwave oven. See pictures in the Online Booking System of what is in each cabin.

Dogs/pets are allowed in 2 of the cottages (Brösarp & Vitemölla)

Toilet/shower/hot water in nearby service building

Prices are available in the Online Booking system

Every 7th night is for free if you book 7 nights or more. 

More pictures and details of every cabin is available in the Online Booking system!